Furnace Installation Near Me

Furnace Installation Near Ypsilanti, MI

Do you need furnace installation near Ypsilanti, MI and want the job done fast? Polar Bear Heating & A/C can help out day or night with 24/7 emergency service! To have your furnace installed and working properly is crucial especially during the harsh winter months which is why you must have it installed by a trained and certified technician. If a furnace is installed incorrectly it can be a huge inconvenience and be very costly to fix. You should make sure that the company handling the installation is licensed and insured in hopes of having the installation done correctly from the first time. 

What Is The Process Of Installing A Furnace?

There are many steps to take into consideration when installing a furnace which is why a certified and trained technician must handle the installation. Once you choose the furnace you must decide where the ducts and drains will be run and then connect them to the duct system. Next, you will have to connect the vent pipes, gas pipes, electrical supply, and condensate drain. Once completed it will take about an hour to check your work. You must make sure the temperature output is correct, and that the condensate drain is draining correctly. A professional HVAC technician can ensure the steps are done correctly to avoid any dangerous or costly damages from happening. 

Cost of Installing A Furnace

The cost of installing a furnace will vary depending on various factors including labor, material, and equipment. Other factors include accessibility, the size of your home, and the make and model of the unit.  The cost will vary depending on if the unit is electric or gas, and if ductwork needs installation, repairs, or replacement. The price of ductwork increases based on the number of intake and output vents and the amount of siding and wall material needed. Depending on your location you may need building permits and inspection which can cost between $500 to $1500. You must hire a licensed contractor to ensure the job is done correctly for the safety of all. 

Furnace Installation Near Ypsilanti, MI With Polar Bear HVAC

Are you in need of a new furnace? Polar Bear HVAC in Ypsilanti, MI has many years of experience in the heating and cooling industry and can assist with furnace installations. All our technicians are trained and certified. We offer all our customers the utmost professional services and will give you an honest diagnosis of the problem and reliable advice, all at a fair price. We deal with all top brand units and offer 24-hour emergency service and in-house financing. Give us a call at  248-820-4455 to get your furnace installed today!

Stefani Thomas

Steve was very friendly and very prompt when he came out. He was the only person that I called that could come out the next day and answered the call later at night.

Kyle Jenny

Woke up at 1:30am to no heat. Called Steve and an hour later he came out and diagnosed my failed blower motor. He did great work, very knowledgeable, professional, and a super nice guy. We had heat in no time! I wish Steve nothing but success in your business and will recommend you to all my family and friends!

Linda Trudell

I have heat all the time. He replaced the motor and his price was fair. I will use him for all my needs. All I can say is keep up the good work.

Heather Harrison

I'm so glad I called Steve at Polar bear heating he fixed my heating equipment I am a single woman that needed some honesty and Steve was there for me great guy great company I will use him again with out a doubt.

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