HVAC Repair

HVAC repairs are so crucial, especially during harsh weather conditions. Whether it is too hot or too cold you will need an HVAC repair as quickly as possible to prevent a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. You should hire a professional HVAC company to handle all repairs in hopes of fixing the problem quickly and efficiently in the most cost-effective matter.  

What Are Common Types Of HVAC Repairs?

Common types of HVAC repairs include refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, broken compressor fans, clogged air filters, and frozen condenser coils, which all correlate with the cooling system. Repairs needed for the heating system include, but are not limited to, clogged air filters, broken thermostat, pilot control problems, the blower runs continuously, and a noisy furnace. Other repairs for your HVAC system include your ventilation and ductwork. If air escapes throughout the vents or vents are clogged you may need to repair or clean out the vents in order to have a more efficient airflow.

Cost Of HVAC Repairs 

HVAC repairs can cost anywhere from $75 to $2000 including labor and materials. A replacement of the unit will cost much more. The cost of the repair will depend on the extent of the problem and if it can be fixed, or if replacement parts are needed. Other factors that may affect the cost include the brand and model of the unit, emergency service fees, labor time, and accessibility. You must have yearly maintenance performed on your HVAC system to prevent costly problems from occurring and to increase the lifespan of the unit. If routine maintenance is performed your HVAC system can last up to 30 years. 

HVAC Repair With Polar Bear HVAC In Brighton, MI

HVAC repairs can be a huge inconvenience for many, but with Polar Bear HVAC in Brighton, MI we can handle all your HVAC needs. With many years of experience, we offer professional services provided by trained and certified technicians. We deal with all top brand units and offer 24-hour emergency service and in-house financing. We will give you an honest diagnosis of the problem and reliable advice, all at a fair price. Give us a call at  248-820-4455 to get your HVAC repaired today!

HVAC Testimonials

Kyle Jenny

Woke up at 1:30am to no heat. Called Steve and an hour later he came out and diagnosed my failed blower motor. He did great work, very knowledgeable, professional, and a super nice guy. We had heat in no time! I wish Steve nothing but success in your business and will recommend you to all my family and friends!

Brittani Holmes

Not only do they have amazing customer service but the whole team is amazing our A/C unit went out two years ago when it was the hottest part of the summer Steve and his team had the new one installed in no time and if I ever have any questions he answers them with out a problem!!


Good man; A+ service for an emergency. Furnace was up and running in no time. Pricing for the components needed for the repair were great. I can not say enough in recommending calling Polar Bear first for your heating and cooling needs.

David Nastwold

Excellent service! I have used Polar Bear Heating and A/C three times for separate issues and the service has been fantastic. One was during a holiday, and he as able to fix it. The prices are extremely reasonable and the customer service has been phenomenal. Do not hesitate to use.

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